Here is why you look like a buffoon.

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Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe - Freezer Friendly - Budget Bytes

This is a picture of pizza, if you are unsure, maybe you are a buffoon.

Fred Figglehorn | Made up Characters Wiki | Fandom

And this is a picture of Fred Figglehorn

Websters dictionary defines a buffoon as, "A man who makes a practice of amusing others by low tricks, antic gestures, etc.; a droll; a mimic; a harlequin; a clown; a merry-andrew", but most think of it as someone who is stupid. Are you a buffoon?



Ah, very interesting. What is like?

This is a website I made to practice HTML and css, as I am new to it. I will try to add to it as much as I can so it will probably be pretty random. I hope you enjoy it.

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