The Buffoon Blog

Welcome to the buffoon blog, here I will post routinely about stuff I think is important, like how many bristles a tooth brush should have, or are scented candles a gateway to aliens! Come to my website any time you want to learn interesting facts, news, and which hair colors are in!


All about Flags

What is a cool thing you know of? What is a little thing does something cool? For example, I learned that if you spell awesome on a keyboard while full screen on a keyboard, it turns the video length rainbow! Or the fact that pizza spelled backwards is gullible. Cool things like that. I feel that this world has very cool stuff in it. Anyways, today I am going to talk about why flags scientifically should not wave in wind. Flags should not wave in wind because when I put up a flag I asked it not to. But it did! I beleive it denied my request which made me loose faith in it. Thank you for reading.

Day 2 blog

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to talk about how street signs will one day take over the world. Street signs have been trying to warn us for years, but we don't listen. We just use them for traffic, sadly, they have been telling us how to escape our inevitable doom! They tell us to stop, yeild, go in the RIGHT or CORRECT direction in life! You could call this a huge conspiracy theory but I don't beleive so. Anyways, that is it for now, goodbye. (By the way I will probaly add a game section to this website soon when I get better at java script so look out for that!)

Day 3 blog

Today I will talk about the dangers of an American Football. It is not shaped like a ball, which is a little bit weird. It seems that they inventor had better plans for a football then a game. I believe he made it to turn into a grappling hook! Now, you say may say that this is a crazy theory, but here is why you're wrong. First of all, the shape, they made it lik that to go fast through the air and high. You could say that hleps the game but the whole point of sports is for a little challange. And they have a pattern on the leather of them to grip better, which is even more evidence! So if you think I am wrong, then you are entitled to your wrong opinion.